Daily News, Fri, Nov 1

Crew and aid ideas for your next hundred miler. I have a RIGID drill bag and a bunch of junk in it, but I’ll obsess over that junk for a week.

Great video of Tor des Geants. This bucket list of mine is getting really hard to manage.

The terrifying hell a marathon inflicts on the human body.

Nana has the right attitude.

Exercise Behavior of Ultramarathon Runners.  If you’re into reading scientific studies, this is for you.  Written by Marty Hoffman, who handles all the medical testing for Western States.

Kilian’s Mt Blanc report. Short, and in English.

Ultramarathons, though, are still considered by many Chinese to be the province of the unhealthily obsessed or mentally unstable.

The ultra trend isn’t exactly catching on in China.

Skyrunning announces point standings for men and women.  Pretty impressed with the US standings, considering the huge percentage of Sky races are overseas.

AJW’s thoughts on the new qualifying standards.

and here’s Elevation Trail’s podcast analyzing the Hardrock decision.

Yes! Learning moderation from the marathon.  Well, endurance running is bad for you anyways.

Trail of the Month in Louisville, Kentucky.

Ah, OK, I see, so now fat and lazy kids who don’t exercise have a disorder.

Weekend calendar:


And hey, Bay Area runners…I’m running Angel Island with a small group of people tomorrow morning. Catching the 10am ferry from Tiburon and running for a few hours on the Island. If interested, shoot me a message.


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