Daily News, Fri, Nov 15

Ha! 2014 WS lottery sentence diagram.

More lottery listings.

Can you guess the sport by the shape of the body? I’d love to see a similar lineup of successful ultrarunners. Yiannis Kouros, Ann Trason, Kilian, Jurek, Geoff Roes, Nikki Kimball, etc.  Not everyone looks the same.

…speaking of bodies, Lauren Fleshman keeps it real.

Kilian is nominated for NatGeo Adventurer of the Year.

OMG! One year old runs a marathon barefoot!

…meanwhile (and in real life), this Serbian grandmother just tackled a 100k.

Left hand column.
Left hand column.

An astute reader sent in a picture of an image he saw while watching Rocky 3.  Does anyone with skillz know how to clear it up and determine what’s written? h/t to Tim.

A treadmill marathon in a bar. All in support of mental illness awareness. Only in LA. 

Vol State has a website now. In case you missed it, Alan Abbs’ interview about the race is not to be missed.

The US isn’t exclusive to poorly run events. This company in the UK has put on some dodgy races, and most recently, they’ve shut down their site and can’t be found…along with registration fees.

Another response to the WSJ jackass.

A cool head discusses the Leadville issue.


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