Daily News, Fri, Nov 22

Hilarious: Hitler rants about today’s ultrarunners.

Four really cool crowd-sourced running innovations.

Here’s a great video of a RedBull event in South Africa.  Great footage!

Great race report from Pinhoti 100 featuring up and comer Megan Rieger.

Local volunteers will drive beside them, carrying food, water, clothing and loaded guns.

Now that’s cold!

We’ve wondered what happened to Jacob Rydman over the past few months. Here’s the answer.

And this week in science, elite athletes live…wait for itlonger! than non-elites.

Remember Cribs on MTV? Here’s the elite ultra runner’s version.

This writer has concern that the new WS100 qualifiers will diminish the local participation in the event.   For the record, I agree with Gordy’s point for the most part.

chocolate-milk_300I’ve always heard this rumor…here’s some science behind it.

Another killer trailer from Matt Trappe on his film about Scott Jaime’s Colorado Trail run earlier this year.

Hmmm, with this news, I’ll bet there are some pretty nervous athletes out there…

JFK50–the country’s oldest ultra–is tomorrow, and is being sponsored by one of the newest shoe companies.  Max King won it last year but isn’t returning. Who’ll be there?

So that’s where he’ll be…X-Terra Trail World Championships are also this weekend…on the complete opposite end of the country.

…and speaking of Max, here are five fun non-running related questions with him.

Mark this down as the day site tags include both “Hitler” and “JFK.”


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