Daily News, Fri, Nov 8

The complete guide to running your first ultramarathon.

The great gluten-free scam. Or is it?

Do your shoes slip a little bit? Here’s a pretty good idea.

Never Wipe Your Ass with a Squirrel. Has anyone read this?

Right up our alley: Runners who love beer.

Long race report from a long race in Greece: The Rodopi Ultra Trail 100.

Great read: Getting out of bed in the morning.

Weekend Calendar:

  • Rio Del Lago 100 in Granite Bay/Auburn, CA.
  • Croatan 24 hour in North Carolina.
  • Bootlegger USATF 50k Trail Championship in Nevada.
  • The Upchuck 50k in Tennessee on the technical Cumberland Trail where, “if you run off course you likely will never be found.”  Only 50k I’ve seen with a 50k prerequisite.  The race is going green and using body numbers instead of bibs. I like it!
  • Run All Day, an interesting 3 hour run/relay in Washington.
  • The Hillbilly Half a Hunnerd in the “hills and hollers of the Ozark Mountains” with
    Rim Rock Marathon
    Rim Rock Marathon

    growlers as awards. No race site, this is all I could find. Anyone have more info?

  • The Rim Rock Marathon in Colorado. Not trail, not an ultra, but check out those views!


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