Daily News, Fri, Oct 11

New episode! Oz Pearlman is a professional magician, runs a 5:25 50 miler and a 2:28 marathon.  Of course we had to have him on the show. Enjoy. (That’s Oz, Jurek, and Mike Arnstein in the pic on the front page.)

Ultrasportslive.tv will be out broadcasting live from Dick Collins Firetrails 50 starting at 6:15am on Saturday.  Ann Trason used to be the RD of the race  (and she still has the CR) and it historically has a solid group of competitors up front. Weather should be great too!

Why are doctors afraid to tell fat people they’re fat?

Here’s a list of the Hardrock lottery applicants.

One thing I’m noticing more about road running is I have the chance to see peoples’ poor gait. Does the trail automatically improve it, or am I just noticing because there’s nothing else to look at?

I have no idea what this is, but, like, this girl went hiking in like, Cambodia and there were like, thousands of ultramarathon runners.  Some snazzy dance moves, too.  Please don’t ask me how I found this.

Here’s a beautiful photo gallery of the John Muir Trail.

“You’re gonna wreck your knees!” No I’m not.

Ironman Kona is tomorrow. Here’s all you need to know. There’s always been some strange animosity (“Ultras are harder!” “Nu-uh, tri’s are harder!”) between the two groups, but one thing’s for sure: Throwing down a sub 3 marathon after swimming a couple of miles and riding for 110 is nuts.

Protip: If you shoot steroids in front of your wife, don’t cheat on her.

One guy’s journey to running a hundred.

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