Daily News, Fri, Oct 18

The Montrail Ultra Cup races have been announced.  Whoa, pretty west coast heavy wouldn’t you say?

Runner so angry at escaped pit bull that he choked its owner with the leash. Whoa, that escalated quickly.

Barefoot backlash: Are the naysayers right after all?

How to train for the Himalayan 100.

The physiology of morning vs evening workouts.  I’m a morning guy all the way and am pathetic in the evening.

This is how I envision my aid station stops.

NUC, but if you’ve got some time, read this guy’s crazy story about his time in the Amazon.

This’ll be the most clicked on story today: What exercises will make me good in bed?

Did you hear our new interview with TNF’s Rob Krar?

…and Ultrasportslive.tv interviews Bob Shebest after his third place at Dick Collins 50.

AJW discusses female UROY candidates.  That’s a tough one.  Each had incredible years and strong individual performances, but no one stood out consistently.

Interesting: Is it still possible to race anonymously? Never considered it, but now it’s my goal to run and race as Patty Bouvier.

Solar Weasel’s report from the Canyon de Chelly in the Navajo Nation, complete with some great pics. Beautiful!

Hope I’m not jinxing myself, but what to do when you get hurt right before a race.

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