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How to avoid cramps. I’m planning on just carrying a large pickle in my pocket during my next race. That’ll be cool, right?

How increased responsibility at work can benefit your running.

To celebrate his 26th year in the US, Meb lists his 26 favorite miles.

In case you didn’t hear, Western States changed the qualifying standards for the lottery.  From what I’ve seen, most applaud the move, which essentially tightens up qualifying races and eliminates 50 milers from the list.

…and this GIF nails it.

…and here’s a calendar to find the next qualifier.

…Final thought…I’d be interested to know if, when choosing qualifying races, the WS Board gets an agreement from the RD to not inappropriately boost registration fees to their events.  Anyone know?

Kenyans race to win from the front, going with the leaders for as long as they can before succumbing, while hoping they don’t.  Americans, on the other hand, run a pace they think they can maintain the entire distance, and at the end see what place that gets them.

–And more from the marathon world here.

List-o-rama: Ten trails that should be on every bucket list. Yeah, looks about right.

…and twenty five things non-runners don’t get about runners.

Could be the best eight bucks you ever spend.  Sorry ladies, you’re out of luck.

AJW’s musings on the Ultra Performance of the Year.  For women, either Rory or Sabrina. For the fellas, gotta go with Jon Olsen. Just to reiterate, Jon ran 11:59 for a hundred miles around a damn track…that’s 7:11 min/mile pace.

Here’s some footage from TNFEC in Chile.

Extreme unicycling the Mettelhorn in the Swiss Alps.  I generally eschew the word extreme, but in this case, I think it’s appropriate.

NUC: Belgian racing pigeons are being pumped full of cocaine and pain killers.

Weekend Calendar: (Certainly not exhaustive, just events I find interesting. Please feel free to comment on what I forgot.)


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