Daily News, Fri, Oct 3

Great stuff: In defense of inconvenience.

From kale to pale ale, a love for bitter may be in your genes.

Robbie Britton explains how to FKT.

Run downhill like Kilian.

Good question: Do weather changes warrant nutrition changes?

Do you live in Santa Fe and want a really sweet job? Check it out.

Quick read on easy runs. Good stuff, but maybe some paragraphs next time?

Welp, bad news everyone. Ultras are apparently over. We need to focus on moderation now. Gwen Stefani and the dude from Coldplay said so.

Are your runs giving you the runs?

Book review of Hal’s Field Guide to Ultrarunning.

How many doctors do you have? I’m looking for a new GP whose first recommendation isn’t “you need to stop running for awhile.” Anyone got one in Sacramento?

Interesting: Why can’t anyone beat the women’s marathon WR? It’s stood for a dozen years and the closest anyone has come is 3 minutes!

Ha! I do most of my track work early in the morning, but I’ve run into most of these people too. ¬†#6 would be the person who you leapfrog the entire workout.

Katie D reminded me of my favorite news story of all time.

What runners think the leading cause of injuries are.

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