Daily News, Fri, Oct 4

Occupy Yosemite!


More sass from Candice: The everyperson’s guide to trail running lingo. Love it!

Do you know how you’ll die as a runner? A “fun” game brought to you by the Angry Jogger.

Early thoughts on male UROY.  Too much emphasis on Western States?

Good stuff: Ten tell-tale signs your body needs a break.

Some funny responses to “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen while running?”

If you’ve found the love of your life, propose on a killer trail run with a ring pop. Nailed it. Congratulations.

Why running cures depression.

I compare two gritty trail cleats right here.

NUC: Do you do it more in a tent?

…and while we’re at it, you could always attempt this. Notice I didn’t say I?  No. Freaking. Way.

Quick interview with the HOKA Brand Manager.

Will marathon times (and ultra times) continue to get faster without the appearance fee and prize money structure? Can you incentivize someone to run sub2? How about a 10 hour hundred?

Mike Morton’s full Spartathlon report. Here’s our interview with him.

Can women come back faster after pregnancy?  If she says she will, she will. Don’t argue.

How long until MUT races start offering this kind of crap.

With the shutdown, some races remain in jeopardy, while others (Grindstone100) have already been postponed.  Here’s what’s planned for this weekend:

Children’s Hospital 12 hour in Ohio

Weaverville Basin 50k in Northern California

Arkansas Traveler 100 in…wait for it…Arkansas

Pain in the Neck 50k in Maryland.

Oil Creek 100 in Penn.

Yellowstone-Teton Endurance Run in Wyoming (National Park, right? Uh-oh)

RockCreek Stump Jump 50k in Chattanooga, TN

The insane Hunter-Gatherer ultras in Texas

…and most importantly, Scotty’s registered and running his first trail race in over a year in Auburn.

Hey international readers! Let me know what events are happening in your neck of the woods!

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