Daily News and Weekend Calendar, Fri, Sep 12

Want to be strong? Read this.

Interesting: The re-emergence of the minimalist running shoe.

DJ Sage and marathon periodization training.

Ultrarunning has a way of stripping away the guards and revealing our true selves.

Leor says higher is not always better. By the looks of these pics and that route, I’ll agree.

As technical and steep as the first descent was, my heart definitely sank a little when I was reminded that, in roughly four hours time, we would be going back up. Up meant scrambling on all fours, working continuously for over an hour with your heart in your mouth.

Report from Kilian and Emlie’s inaugural Tromsø Skyrace in Norway.

Science: What we learned from studying runners at WS100.

Similarities between ultrarunning and giving birth.

Collection of pics from a gal who ran in the Alaskan wilderness. Speaking of Alaska, I got this message…a little help? Hey URP and fans! What’s a great >26.2 trail race in Alaska during nice weather– thinking July or August? Looking for a dream run for 2015. Thanks!”

Good stuff from AJW: Sound familiar? What’s your relationship with running?

Cory has pretty good reasons to dislike running on roads.

Should running paths be open 24/7?

 Weekend Calendar (Holy crap!)

Run Rabbit Run 50/100 in Steamboat Springs, CO. Starts today. $12k for top finisher. Krar, Ghelfi, Clarke, Tiernan, Nicki, Stephanie, Darcy…   Live tracking for both distances here.

Plain 100 in Washington. Straight old school. No pacers, no aid, no trail markers, and not even any picture taking. Water from streams only, and only three buckles available. All that for $120.

Pine to Palm 100 in Southern Oregon. Webcast here.  Hal’s directing, his wife is running. Also running is Gordy Ainsleigh, and should he finish, will have completed a hundred miler in five different decades. Warning: That podcast with Gordy was one of our first.

The Rut Skyrunning event (Vertical K, 12k, 50k) in Big Sky, Montana. Starts today. RD’d by the Montana Mikes (Wolfe and Foote), this race has got some big names: Kilian, Sage, Rickey (full men’s preview here) and the women (Emilie, Anna, Cassie, Ellie) have a stout field too.  Here’s IRF’s coverage and here’s a live feed from ultrasportslive.tv.

Headlands Marathon, 50/75/100 in the Marin Headlands, CA.  They added a 75 miler this year (awesome!) on a tough and beautiful course.  HH100 was the site of my first DNF last  year.

The Glasshouse 100 in Queensland, Australia. A UTMB qualifier, this race has a lot of people talking.

The inaugural Hawk 100 in Kansas. Looped course with no one working the aid stations. Interesting.Here’s the site for this year. Sounds like a fun race! Thanks Katie!

TheNorthFace Endurance Challenge in Madison, Wisconsin.  I like TNF races and I’ve heard great things about Madison…next year!

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