Daily News, Fri, Sep 13

Diana Nyad defends her swim to critics with reasoning that makes sense: The first person to cover the distance gets to establish the rules.

…speaking of Diana, astute reader Scott McLean pointed out that she was with a ABC TV crew as a commentator at the 1986 Western States Endurance Run. It’s apparently documented in the book The End of the Trail: A 100 Mile Running Odyssey (p. 71) by John David Fisher.  Thanks Scott!

Why drink more water?

Video: This dude gave it everything he had.

Good UTMB account from the UK Telegraph.

Rory’s full UTMB race report.

Run Rabbit Run is starting soon in Steamboat Springs.  Weather report? Track all the athletes here.

Watch this: Some crazy Red Bull sponsored event in the Dolomites where one guy runs a killer trail up a mountain, tags another guy who paraglides down, who tags another guy who kayaks…

Dakota Jones and Amy Sproston are heading to Japan next month for a tough 71k trail race with no aid stations.  Read the translated race rules…they’re pretty funny.

Hey Florida runners, ever had a problem with these?

How the absence of negativity can be your strongest attribute.

The seven best gear websites.

Nick Clark’s Wasatch report. Good read.

…speaking of Slams, are you familiar with the Larry Slam?

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