Daily News, Fri, Sep 19

Short news day today. I’m heading out for a run on the beach in San Clemente. Don’t feel too sorry for me.

Without looking, how far do you think a cyclist could ride in 60 minutes?

Did you hear our new interview with Jon Olsen? I really enjoyed listening to Jon talk about what happens when life forces your running career to change directions. Can”t wait to see how he does in Greece next week.

How does beer impact recovery

Speaking of beer, of course there’s a GoPro Beer Mile.

Geoff Roes checks in from Alaska with some great pics.

Great piece by Jill about her time in the Alps. Read it.

This story bothers me. There are far too may stories about what goes on behind closed doors.

The Kings Fire is precariously close to giving us a potential alternate route at the end of June next year. And it started by an arsonist.

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