Daily News, Fri, Sep 20

A first timer’s guide to trail running in Whistler.

Crazy trail up the Swiss Alps. You gotta read this and see the picture.

Here’s a way to enjoy a perfect black and tan. h/t to Paul B.

Big congrats to the Koerner family on the birth of Nyla Shoal.  Welcome to the club!

Good race report from Dom Grossman. When the first dozen miles are sub 7 pace on trails, it’s gonna be a rough day, but Dom got an appreciation for sticking it out.

Happy Birthday to Charlie Engle! If you haven’t heard our podcast with Charlie from last year, check it out.  Intriguing story of what happens when you take an ex-addict extreme-distance runner and throw him in prison.

Will you be in Virginia in mid-October? Feel like doing a quad-Ironman ultra triathlon?  12M swim, 560M ride, 131 damn mile run. Yikes!

Some basic trail porn (video) from the Dolomites.

The guys at trailandultrarunning discuss rocks, and how to handle them while trail running. Big rocks, small rocks, ankle-spraining rocks. Rocks.

Is running in smog better than not running at all?

WSJ: Very interesting look at how the new generation of runners aren’t very fast or concerned about time.

Earlier this week, I posted a video of two guys duking it out for a triathlon finish. Here’s an interview with the winner. Hint: He likes pizza and beer after a good run.

This weekend there’s the Virgil Crest Ultra in NY, North Coast 24 hour in Ohio, the Georgia Jewel in well…Georgia, the Sierra Nevada Endurance Run in Auburn, the inaugural Kodiak100 in Big Bear Lake, CA and the Hancock Shaker Village 50 in PA, where all finishers go home with a six-pack.

…and if you’re local-ish to Sacramento, we’re having our 2nd annual Bats and Beer run on Saturday night where we hang out under a bridge and watch half a million Mexican fruit bats emerge at the same time, then go on a 7 mile run through a wildlife area, then drink beer by the side of the road. Interested? High class all the way! Email me.


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