Daily News, Fri, Sep 27

Fifteen fall trail races under 15 miles.

Here’s why cross country rules.  Yes!

There are all sorts of races going on this weekend. UROC in Colorado (live tracking here), Dedmonton 12/24hour in Canada, Flatrock 50k in Kansas, Sundance Trail Run in Wyoming, Lost Sierra Endurance Run in NorCal, NFEC in Atlanta, Mogollon Monster 100 in Arizona, Lake Tahoe Endurance Festival,  Bear100 in Utah (live tracking here), Enchanted Forest Wine Run in Oregon,  Hinson Lake 24 in North Carolina, and some little race called the Spartathlon in Greece. Mike Morton is in 2nd as I’m writing this but they’ve got a looong way to go!

…and at the same time, Wilson Kipsang will be trying to break the marathon WR at the Berlin Marathon.

while Brandon here will be attempting to summit Pike’s Peak four times in 24 hours.

Scotty dives in and reviews a pumpkin ale.  I’m guessing the first of many.

…and I reviewed a sweet jacket that weighs as much as two gels.

How much does your belt and buckle mean to you?

Dave James won’t be running UROC this weekend, but he will be running. Running to deal with heavy emotions about his sick father.

A tale of two races. One awful one, and one unplanned success. I always do better when they’re unplanned. You?

Check out all this great reader-submitted trail porn from TrailRunner Mag.

Are you injured all the time?  I’m injured maybe once a year, but my wife is convinced it’s “all the time”…probably because I whine a lot.

I’ll be finalizing my review of two killer mud shoes this weekend. The Icebug Acceleritas 3 vs the Salomon Fellracer2.

NUC: Twenty five things only track and field runners understand.

Good stuff: How to manage steep climbs during a trail run.

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