Daily News, Friday, Oct 6

Trademark-Symbol_32.png.pagespeed.ce_.h_Xo14X3IeWasatch 100 starts this morning. You can follow all runners here, though many eyes will be watching the front as Nick and Ian (quick interview here) battle it out for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning FKT. Who knows what’ll be animating these fellas today, but good luck to everyone out there.

Quickie with Rory Bosio.

Speaking of Rory, want to see something uncomfortable? She crosses the finish line and is immediately forced to smile and wave to the crowds by some race official.  Yuck.

Outside Magazine answers two key questions: What’s better before a race: Coffee or Red Bull? and Why does running make me poop?

Good stuff: Heat stroke awareness for trail runners. Hey, it’s gonna be 100 degrees here this weekend. Summer ain’t over!

A good refresher on what the body goes through when we exercise. 

Where did you start running? Probably not on a container ship like this guy.

ESPN discusses Leadville. Wow, big time!

So, you want to drag a 700 lb cart across 1,000 miles of the Saraha Desert?

Don’t fear being a beginner.

Hokas: Marketing hype or running shoe revolution?  Scotty loves his (as do many), I think they’re ridiculous.  Balance makes the world go round.

In case you didn’t like Scott Jurek a whole heck of a lot already, here’s another reason to.

Here are some great pics from the IMTUF 100 last week, with a great image of Ann Trason.

Check out my recent review of a rad new running lamp here.

And finally, for anyone who says California doesn’t have true mountains, check out Leor’s recent insane backcountry adventure. Beautiful!

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