Daily News, Friday the Thirteenth!

Get to know Scott Jaime with this Q&A and great video from his Colorado Trail adventure.

Josh does some Badwater recon.   Check out our podcast with RD Chris Kostman right here.

Alex Varner’s Dipsea report. That’s quite a team they’ve got there!

Very exciting triathlon finish from London Triathlon. Say what you will about triathletes, but to throw down a 4:30 mile at the finish is pretty impressive.

This is another way to finish a race, though a bit less desirable.


Speaking of triathlon, IRONMAN has chosen a weird sponsor for their new Chatanooga event.

It’s Friday the Fourteenth! Here are some common running superstitions. Do you have any others?

Rob Krar talks about National Trail Day.

And Ethan and I sit down with Ellie Greenwood to chat about how she went from injured status to winning the biggest ultra in the world in less than a year.  New podcast right this way.

and then there’s this guy who went from being a homeless youth to surviving an avalanche to becoming National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year. Awesome story.

Proof from the podcast with Ellie: Women are better marathon pacers than men.  Yeah, compared to men, how many women start their race reports with “I went out too fast again…”

Looks like Kilian set a new climbing record in Alaska.  More news as he gets back down to earth.

To celebrate Father’s Day, how elite’s fathers have inspired their running.

Leor should quit his attorney gig and just take people on running tours.  Check out his latest adventure. Wow!

And an ode to running.

before after
Before and after.

Candice writes about trail runners and their tattoos.   That’s my tattoo (right), it’s a drawing my daughter (4yo) did of my wife, and it covers up a silly (and blurry) tattoo from my youth.

Yesterday was not a good day for Lance.

Ryan Sandes is rested and targeting Western States.

NUC: What happens when you jump off a cliff and there’s a Great White lurking in the water below you? Is that real???

Dakota teaches us how to make a salad. I love this guy.

I’m recording twelve (12) interviews over the next two days, leading up to a huge Western States preview show that I’m doing with the guys from ultrasportslive.tv.  Stay tuned.

And all heaps of good luck to everyone running this weekend. Looks like Bryce will be a busy place!

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