Daily News, Halloween Edition

Graphic: When BASE jumping goes horribly wrong.  MUT connection? This is Catra Corbett‘s ex-husband.

Seven ways to battle pre-race anxiety.  I’m generally too preoccupied in the port-a-potty to do any of this stuff.

Imagine running a 100k in a track. Barefoot. Here’s the story, ironically in Spikes magazine.

Great Why We Run video.

New Hardrock qualifying standards, and the claws are out.  Here’s one reaction.  Mine was more of a “maybe the writer was in a bad mood and typed this out and accidentally hit PUBLISH before re-reading it.”

…meanwhile, the trail folks in Sweden have taken a 100k that’s been around since 1984 (who knew, right?), handed off stewardship, and changed very little.  153 miles across the Swedish countryside. One drop bag. No aid.

Are Europeans faster than Americans?

When I see someone running with a GoPro camera, I generally roll my eyes and think “douchey”, but then I get home and geek out on the great videos that they make and am thankful for them.  Here’s one from a 100k in Borneo.

If you’re looking to climb 10k’ in 15 miles, here’s a nice route.

This is going to set a very important precedent and may have more of an impact on PEDs than increased testing does.

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