Daily News, Jan 6, 2014

Alright, back to our normal schedule…

Funny: When training is going well, life is awesome.

Yeah, Yiannis, you’re the greatest of all time, but you’re also a whiny bi#ch.  And remember this one from a few years ago?  Sorry, but what a jerk.

…speaking of excuses, this legless skateboarder is amazing! (NUC)

Yep, Tarawera is still on my bucket list!

Son breaks dad’s FKT in Australia, but almost dies doing so.

Track and Field “were they doping?” poll over at letsrun.  Yeah, this should end well.

What (big road) race security will look like in 2014.

Mike Wolfe on running and hunting.

Anyone have a place for me to stay in Calgary?

New hydration strategy and my new nutrition strategy at aid stations.

Anyone ever tried hypnosis while running?

And some funny new whatisultra entries.

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