Daily News, Mon Apr 1

Ah, the big question: Road marathon vs Trail ultra. Which is harder? What do you think?

Chris Kollar and Stephanie Howe both crushed it at Gorge Waterfalls 50k this weekend. Ian Sharman came in 4th…here’s his report with pics. Here are GTachs pro pics.

Meanwhile, there were upsets for both the M and W at the Two Oceans Marathon in South Africa.

This is pretty cool. Some guy designed a google earth mapping program to “watch” the competitors in the 14 day, 1100km Tour de Taiwan Ultramarathon.

Meanwhile, at this posting, the Barkley “course” is still populated with a few hearty souls, some on their 5th lap.

Why this guy is running the Marathon des Sables.

This does not look like the type of trail running I’m used to.

Western States announces massive changes.

Chatoe Rogue brewery let me down with this Mead.

Do you know the difference between Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and Iliotibial Band Syndrome? Here’s a good primer on each.

Dave James and Claire Dorotik took honors at the Fort Clinch hundo in Florida. Full results here.

Five reasons you should always run with your smartphone. Only reason I carry mine is for safety and Strava. Speaking of which, Strava has quit on my twice in the last week. Never happened before that. Is there a bug, or it just me?

Personal note: I raced a 5k on the road on Saturday (to fulfull half of my “beer only on race days” deal) and was scared to death at the starting line. I learned a lot and can’t wait for the next.



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