Daily News, Mon, Apr 14

Ah, the big question of money in ultras.

Animal Athletics addresses the logo confusion. Hal weighs in with a comment.  Definite food for thought right here.

Study: Late starters run faster in older years. 

I can’t tell if these GPS shoes are a joke or not.

I probably look like this at the end of a race.

Weight loss: The neuroses of our peers will be come our goals.

Maybe you heard, Zach Miller and Emily Harrison won at Lake Sonoma on Saturday. Here are some pics and my thoughts from the race. Full results here.

Meanwhile in the Philippines, a women’s only 50k was taking place, complete with 24 aid stations and “tugs tugs” music.

NUC, but this crazy old man (hey, it’s a compliment!) is paddling across the Atlantic. Check it out.

Eight of the world’s most phenomenally nerdy beers. h/t Keith.

Here’s Jill’s playlist from her 350 mile Iditarod trek.

Ten tips to increase foot and ankle strength…including toe yoga.

Two runners tragically passed away during a half marathon this weekend. Not relating the two, but when was the last time a runner died during an ultra? I remember a few years ago a runner passed away during a PCTR race on Mt. Diablo, but that’s about it. Are there others?

Max King may have bonked at Sonoma, but he had one of the (inadvertently) funniest tweets yesterday. You’ll have to find it on your own…this is a family show, folks.


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