Daily News, Mon Apr 22

What’s the stoutest record in ultrarunning? I’d go with either Kouros or Fordyce.

Fifty surprising things learned from running around the world.

Meghan Hicks’ MDS race report is in. Check it out.

Big congrats to Ian Sharman (and a tough Brett Rivers) for his win at Mt Diablo 50k. Great race direction and nice spring weather made a wonderful day out there!

Western States now has an official rule on PEDs.

…speaking of PEDs, a new anemia drug will trick the body into thinking it’s at altitude, and in turn, create new red blood cells. Cyclists are already in line to get their hands on it.

Forty four healthy foods under $1.

…and some of those foods are also on this list: Superfoods for runners.

Two weeks ago on this page I asked if anyone has any experience with MAP. I’m not a scientist so I can’t speak to it’s characteristics, and I’m unsure how to separate correlation and causation when talking about starting something new right in the middle of intense training. Howevah.  I’ve been using this (expensive) stuff for ten days and see a huge benefit. I feel stronger, I have more endurance, and my recovery time is nearly non-existent.  Yes, it’s legal. No, it’s  not a steroid. Anyone else have these results?



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