Daily News, Mon, Apr 28

Gary Robbins’ UTMF DNF report. Bummer.

Wardian picked up a win at the Big Sur Marathon (completing the second half of the Boston to Big Sur challenge in record time.)

Adam Campbell’s mom gives a primer on ultra-spectating.

The ten best mobility exercises for runners. And while we’re at it, here are three workouts to increase pain tolerance.

Western States news: Ultrasportslive.tv will be broadcasting video live from the event.  Should be very very cool.

What’s the difference between fartlek, interval, and tempo training (other than the fact that one is more fun to say than the others?)

There’s some scuttlebutt about UTMB changing race qualification standards more based on money than on trail difficulty.  Anyone know anything or have any insight?  Thanks.

Why Google Glass sucks for the outdoors.

Does age play a role in ultra success?

This week in science: Live longer by eating less.

This (like most of today’s news, unfortunately) has nothing to do with MUT running, but watch this guy scale a wall.

Healer at the aid station. Good read.

Prepare for FaceBook to get more flooded with “here’s what I ran today!” posts.

Some results from this weekend. (I can’t cover all races, so please help me out!)

Sorry about no podcast last week. I’ve taken on a monumental amount of yard work (moderation has never worked well for me!) and am buried in brick, sprinklers, concrete, electrical, etc. I’ll get back on it soon and bring some solid guests to whet your appetite.

I’m also working on a new gear comparison for small handheld bottles. Eight to ten oz…just enough to go for a nice run or get you from aid station to aid station during a race. I’m looking at: Salomon, Camelbak, Utraspire, FuelBelt, Ultimate Direction, and NATHAN. Am I missing anyone?

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