Daily News, Mon, Apr 29

Must read: Sherpa John asks if all this is worth the risk.  Definitely a provocative and thoughtful post.

And in other sherpa news…Ueli Steck got beat up by a bunch of sherpas on Everest.

Robert Krar crushed the 50M at a hot Leona Divide on Saturday, while Yassine Diboun and Rachel Lipman grabbed wins in the 50k. Full results here.

Must read: Part two of a really great interview with Matt Carpenter. Here’s part one if ya missed it.

Track fans: Full Payton Jordan results here. And on the opposite end of the spectrum (and other side of the globe), here are the results from Ultra Trail Mt Fuji. An (awesome) unknown Japanese guy and Krissy Moehl took tops.

First, here’s Anton’s crazy Grand Canyon road trip. It looks like he’s back in shape and putting in some solid running miles and ready to race in two weeks.  Personal note: I bonked the same way on Sat’s run and dealt with the blindness/tunnel vision issue. All I had to do was finish…he still kept summiting, then had to turn around and run a few hours back. Nuts. Anton’s podcast is here.

Fix your running form…tips from Alberto Salazar.

What does it take to RD an event like Western States? Here are some numbers.

Three ultras (plus one sub-ultra) in three weeks has been tough, and now I rest until Bryce Canyon in a month. Still some good running, a bunch of inline skating, and tons of chasing kids around the yard will hopefully keep me in shape (and allow me toenails to heal.)

The truth about sugar.

Hey, that's my mama!
Hey, that’s my mama!

Gotta give a big shoutout to my Mom Kelley Schranz who took first overall female in the Castaic Damn Run this weekend. At 62, she was the oldest female in this hilly course (rolling, then up up up a damn, then screaming back down the other side), and also sixth overall. Nice job!

NUC: Four of the most dangerous roads in the world. I wouldn’t run those, let alone drive them.

Why does it feel like I run faster at night?

We just recorded a new interview yesterday and will have it posted soon. If you believe there’s only one way to skin a cat (or rather run your first hundo), this episode will make your head spin!


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