Daily News, Mon, Apr 7

Whoa, here’s an alternate reality game that combines Strava and RISK and seems totally nuts. Resist…the…urge…to…download…h/t to Stuart F.

Liza is back! She runs the first lap with Hal, then ticks off the rest (while pumpingto set a new CR at Umstead 100. Wow!  Full results here.

In his debut marathon, Kenenisa Bekele drops a 2:05:03 to win the Paris Marathon.

Ever tried fasting for training? Check out how Zach Bitter does it.

Didya hear the new podcast? Nate from ultrasportslive.tv and I chat with the two past winners at Lake Sonoma, Cassie Scallon and Joelle Vaught. Check it out, then go and enter the Lake Sonoma Prediction Contest (sponsored by San Francisco Running Co, Montrail, Victory Sportsdesign, Inside Trail Racing, and URP) for a chance to win some cool gear!

Interesting: More on the HS runner who runs with MS and can’t feel her legs.

Watching daddy work.

Nine ultra-helpful tips for making the jump to ultras.

American River 50 was on Saturday. Here’s a recap. and here’s a ton of pics I took.  That pic to the right is my daughter watching me take pics of runners.

Cool story from the UK: It’s a half. How much water do  you really need?

List-o-rama: Seventy five thoughts every one has when out on a run.

How to be mentally tough for a hundred miler.

What are the best craft brew towns in America? What did they miss?

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