Daily News, Mon Apr 8

Very interesting analysis on the shallowness of ultramarathon competition.

If a genie popped out and granted me one running wish, it’d be that I could descend better than I can now. Kinda like this.

Trying to figure out if MAP (Master Amino Pattern) is snake oil or legit. Thoughts either way?

Dr-House-Hugh-LaurieI think Geoff Roes needs to go see Dr. House. Dude is still full of bizarre symptoms.

We just recorded a fun interview with Amy Sproston yesterday…stay tuned! You’ll want to hear this one.

Study shows that music really does help us perform better.

Five reasons your run might have sucked today.

People are all worked up over a basketball team that blew away the opponent and wouldn’t let up. Unnecessary and unethical are words people are using. When we have someone win by two hours, he’s cheered and revered. I’ll take the latter.

A bit of a rambling post, but good stuff about Garmins, “ultimate” challenges, etc.

Here’s the Spartathon entrants list. Sort by country. The Fruitarian (that guy is everywhere!), Mike Morton, Chad Ricklefs…Why does the US only have six entrants though?

Good stuff to know about dynamic stretching. I was at the start of AR50 on Saturday…no one stretching. Sunday morning I ran Sactown 10M…nearly everyone was stretching.

Jim Sweeney and Michelle Gosseling took top honors at Umstead 100 over the weekend. Meanwhile, Matt Flaherty and Pam Smith bagged wins at American River 50. If you heard our interview with Richard Hunter (the blind guy), this was his first 50M. He finished in 10:24. Here are some pics I took at mile 27 at AR.

Awesome UTMF course flyover map.

Watching videos like this make me really want to run internationally. Speaking of which, here are 28 quotes that inspire travel. I’ve got the bug right now!

Interesting: How far do you run in other sports?

From the mouths of babes: Kids explain trail running.


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