Daily News, Mon, Aug 11

Full results from The Dome right here. Records were broken. And here’s an article from Anchorage.

This is what it’s like when you’re running in Colorado and Anton runs by. It might be AK. Could be Jamil Coury based on the hat, but he was running Telluride yesterday…Doesn’t look like AK’s form…any help?

How have I never heard of this guy? Brad “Caribou Legs” Firth.  An Innuit-Aboriginal ex-homeless former drug addict who’s undertaking a 100 day/3600km run all by himself with no support or corporate sponsors.  Read up here.  h/t Daryl.

Great video from Squamish 50.

A simple map of places to train at altitude. The entire continent of Asia has nothing though?

A roadrunner’s take on trail runs.

Looks like Mark Gilligan over at ultrasignup missed an opportunity with this one.

Ten things I want my daughter to know about working out.

There’s a rumor that a certain somebody is running Leadville 100 this weekend.  He would will make the race very very interesting.  It’s confirmed…Rob Krar is running Leadville 100.

Quick questions with a guy who’s running around the world.

Sarah writes about pack training for a multi-day race.  Go to any local 5k, and you’ll see runners carrying the same amount of gear!

Frosty’s thoughts and pics from Speedgoat.

Well dangit, looks like I missed the burro racing in Colorado this year. If you’ve got any interest in trail racing with a donkey, please check out this podcast with George Zack.

The crazy running life of Badwater Champ Harvey Lewis.

OR was great this year. Expect a ton of reviews in the next few weeks/months. I’ll also be looking for qualified writers to help out with gear reviews, so if that’s you, drop me a line.

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