Daily News, Mon, Aug 12

Four children ultra phenoms you haven’t heard of…yet.  What do you think? Is 12 too young? And who should decide? The guy who bought your kid for 800 rupees?

Rainshadow Racing has this (below) in its race info. Emphasis mine.  Is this a fair requirement? Thoughts?

  • If while running you come upon an injured runner you must stop and ask if they need assistance. If they do you must do your best to help them until more help arrives or until you get them to an aid station. This is a remote race and we all need to look out for each other.

Do you run with any ID on you?

An interesting conversation with author Malcolm Gladwell.

Ryan Sandes is ready to deal with the altitude of Leadville.

…and here’s IRF’s Leadville preview.

FKTs on the PCT and the AT. ABC…easy as…123.  Here’s more on Hal and Mike’s record.

In the past few weeks, fires have ravaged Southern Oregon, Colorado, and now a few hundred acres are burning in Foresthill in the Sierra Nevadas on the WS100 course. Ultra-arsonist, hmmm?

Kilian didn’t come in first at Sierra Zinal this weekend and the world did not end.

Ten vegetables that are good for us and will help with stamina. Ooh, yeah!

…meanwhile, they’re having snow races in Australia.

Did you see our new review of the Pearl Izumi Road M3?

The Squamish 50 was this weekend in Western Canada and was apparently a really really tough race. How’d you do?

The best runners are…lazy runners. Huh?

Final note: If you’ve emailed me in the past two weeks, sorry I haven’t got back to you. I’m in the process of catching up with everything and it’s taking some time. Thanks. –eric



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