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How to run with a free mind.

Pike’s Peak Marathon had a close finish this year with  Touru Miyahara taking top honors by a mere 23 seconds.  Full results here.

…and an equally exciting race in a different part of Colorado…full Leadville results here and another good summary here.

Wyatt had a horrible race at Leadville that ended pretty well.  Back from the dead. Hear our interview with Wyatt here.

On Saturday, Brian Donnelly completed a self-supported run of the 460 mile Oregon Pacific Crest Trail, setting a new speed record of 7 days, 22 hours, 37 minutes. Unfortunately, Yassine Diboun had to drop out after 3 days due to a bum ankle.  #SummerOfFKTs


Hal Koerner and Mike Wolfe on their JMT FKT. Photo credit Journeyfilm / JB Benna
Hal Koerner and Mike Wolfe on their JMT FKT.
Photo credit Journeyfilm / JB Benna

Here’s my favorite water bottle that’s also made fans of Anton and Hal. Here’s my review of it from a few years ago.

Awesome video of Ras, our favorite ultrarunning Rastafarian.

Naked night runners in Kenya are looking for some damn recognition.

Lauren Fleshman and some of her typically candid insights on being an elite track star, a new mom, and what it’s like watching your event on TV.

“It was pretty exciting. I was hurting. But it wasn’t a pain that hurt. It was something that felt good. I had accomplished something.”

…this from a 13 year old hundred miler.

Here’s a video of a new trail ultra taking place in the Andes in December. Yes, please.

David Laney and Caren Spore picked up wins at a challenging Waldo 100k on Saturday. Nice job!  Full results here.

Didya hear our new podcast with “The Jester” Ed Ettinghausen?

Confessions of an ultrarunning widow.  Sam, she’s a keeper!

Here’s a great sounding ultra trail series in South Carolina and Florida that survives completely on donations.

Here’s some HURT runners who ran across Molokai and wrote about their adventure.  In case ya missed it, here’s my recap of running on the island.

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