Daily News, Mon, Aug 2

Seth Swanson added another course record to his résumé, lowering the Cascade Crest 100 mark from Rod Bien by 30 minutes.

I was there crewing and pacing and wish I could have had handed out Pam’s excellent guide to recovery to the collapsed souls around the finish line. “Seriously, if you need some time to recharge after a big race, you should just unfollow Mike Wardian and Max King.”

It’s UTMB week! This looks like a nice way to finish up some training before Foote tries to continue his string of impressive runs there. Huge elite American contingent this year…could an American take the top spot?

Hey, only one day left for that BOA contest! Get on it! Again, literally a prize that money can’t buy!

Some things Matt Flaherty wishes he was doing more of. Good links near the bottom.

A few elites’ favorite ways to stay hydrated.

Here’s a pretty cool video from Leadville, and here’s a solid report from the rear of the pack.

Are you taking your taper seriously? “…once they tapered, their performance increase was greater than that of the athletes who had maintained their normal training.”

Wow, that is some great family support for training! Husbands and wives take notes…

Have you used after-market insoles to alleviate Achilles, or other, issues? The first thing I do when I buy new shoes is rip out the factory ones.

Are R2R2R crossings in danger?

American Stevie Kremer wins (yawn, again 🙂 ) the Matterhorn Ultraks.  Some stunning photos by Ian.

TNF Road to UTMB trailers with Rory, Hal (Eric’s wife’s trail porn), and Timmy.  Wardian, Bowman, Anton, and some others are running it too.  Any updates to that list?

@myleadfeet‘s always entertaining videos.  Here is his Leadville race report video of his 3rd finish and with a cameo by Krar, Clark, and Aish.

….and if you’re curious, here is what the pre-race medical chat and pre-race RD chat.

Are you a burner? Do you run? Are you running the Burning Man Ultramarathon?

The 2013 winner’s race report and an interview with the RD, Cherie Yanek.
Course preview of the new TNF Park City Endurance Challenge.
Ice cream as ultra-fuel?
Unfortunate end to Brett Maune’s (Barkley CR holder) Colorado 14er FKT (held by Cave Dog in 10d 20:26).  On Brett’s 21st summit (Pike’s Peak) at 83 hours, he had a chicken sandwich and came down with food poisoning.  He climbed Princeton before being unable to continue and abandoning his attempt.  -word of mouth

A race report of Fat Dog 120, the Canadian Hardrock.

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