Daily News, Mon, Aug 26

Kara Goucher looking at getting into 50 milers once she’s done winning marathons. ┬áThat could be very very exciting.

Some true alpine trail porn from Joe Grant.


List time! Best bodies in sports. Yes on some. Hell no on others.

<–There’s a lovely new entry into our Black Toenail Hall of Fame. This one’s courtesy of Jamie Woods.

Very intense research project on the Thames Path 100 in the UK. Tons of info and plenty of good stuff in there.

Why the compulsion to run long distances? A beautiful confession.

Weird: After a youthful trend a few years ago, track and field champs are getting older again. I’d love to see a study done on the avg age of winners in ultrarunning.

Part two of Do Ultrarunners Need Coaches?

Run to the top of Vermont. Did anyone do it this weekend? 4 miles at 11%…ouch!

Same toes, post-hospital. –>BSl1wsOIQAALgzr.jpg-medium

Video interview with Scott Jaime right after his FKT of the Colorado Trail.

Northern CA people: If anyone has a stationary bike that’s sitting around, please consider lending it to our past guest, visually impaired runner Richard Hunter. He was struck by a car while on a training ride last month and is in PT/Recovery. ┬áLet me know if you’ve got one to lend. Thanks!

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Jamaica’s sudden rise to track stardom has occurred when their PED testing program is essentially non-existent.

Five exercises that’ll make you a faster trail runner.

UTMB Men’s Preview from IRF.

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