Daily News, Mon, Aug 4

Great UTMB preview. Who, what, where…And check out the list of the US runners. Talk about a dream team!

The craft beer and running boom. Strange how that’s worked, isn’t it?

But is having too many breweries good for consumers?

Trail running encouragement from a six year old.

Nine questions with Joanie.

Six Days in the Dome starts today. Here’s another piece on it, and here’s the live tracking site that goes live at 9am (PST-1 when the race starts.)  Zach Bitter starts his quest for the 100M/12hr WR at 11am Alaskan (10am PST). Here’s my interview with RD Joe Fejes and here’s the interview with Zach Bitter where he talks about his training and attempt.

What’s awesome about this sport: While those guys are running in a totally controlled and supported environment, Ras will start a completely unsupported traverse of the entire state of Washington. Here’s his plan.  We’re all endurance runners, but we all do it differently.

Great video preview of the upcoming Flagstaff Sky Race.

What makes ultrarunners so damn crazy (in case the previous few links haven’t convinced you), with an unexpected appearance by yours truly.

I’m recording two podcasts today. One with someone who just ran his first 100, and one with my most searched for guest.  And guesses?

The Training Buddies Manifesto.

If you’re a subscriber (I’m not), you can read the whole article on why Kilian is the best ultrarunner in the world.

Nickademus’ running zen #9: Finding Joy.

Lavaredo: The most beautiful running race you’ve never heard of.

The surprising reason this guy runs two hours every day.

Sorry the news is late today. I’m back to pulling the tire and had a bit of a technical problem on my run this morning…

And I’ve had a bit of an email meltdown (lost my iPad), and I know there were a few people I was planning on meeting at OR.  Please re-send! Thanks.

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