Daily News, Mon, Aug 5

Interesting: This guy ran Badwater in 2009 and is still feeling effects from it. h/t to Nicole W.

Dominic Grossman and Angela Shartel picked up wins at a hot Angeles Crest 100 on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Hal Koerner and Mike Wolfe broke the John Muir Trail FKT with a time of 3 days, 12 hours, and 41 minutes for the 210 mile journey.

The 25 best craft breweries in America. Sorry list, Sam Adams is not a craft beer and should not be on there. Where does yours fit in?

Pam Smith’s WS story. We interviewed her recently and will be posting it soon after we get past some tech difficulties. It’s worth the wait.

Go outside for a week and it’ll reset your biological clock. Uh oh, does that mean my wife is going to want more kids?

Ladies: Embarassing workout issues no one talks about. Huh? Maybe it’s the gals I run with, but they’d have no problems talking about any of these and would certainly not be caught dead talking about makeup on a run.

Here’s a mountain marathon in Vietnam that I’d love to do in October.

This guy ran 423 miles across Iowa while everyone else did it on a bike.


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