Daily News, Mon, Dec 1

Hand-holding for a tie at the finish? No thanks.

Fascinating report from Amy about the Hasetsune Cup in Japan.

Do you take shortcuts on the trail?

With all the talk about team scoring, Jean really shows how it’s done.

Guess who? Meet the world’s fastest mountain runner.

The TNFEC female elite list just got shorter by one top runner, but I don’t see it reflected on any other site.

Stats on what it takes to get a Boston qualifier and how it changes.

What do you think about this new shoe design? Would this fall into the banned category?

Interesting interview with Anton. Learned more about his background.

This is what happens when a guy runs an ultra in a suit at Burning Man.

You might be an ultra spouse if…

Additional thoughts from Ellie about her 100k win.

…and Zach Bitter’s report from the race. Man, that sounds like a tough surface!

Jeff writes about ultra pre-race nutrition here.  I eat whatever’s around, pretty much right up to the starting gun. You?

New podcast posting today…stay tuned!

NYT on when doping isn’t cheating. Ah, this opens up the discussion on why strict bans will never work. The author follows up on his piece here.

Interesting: Patagonia and TheNorthFace and the myth of green consumerism. If TNF were making “disposable” products and claiming to be green there may be an issue, but every garment I have from the company has been long lasting. You?

Michele Yates is full term with her first baby and just ran a 24 minute 5k. How you doin?

Should you date your college team mate? Or someone in your running group?

Drop down in distance to increase your speed and power for the longer stuff.

When eating healthy calls for treatment.

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