Daily News, Mon, Dec 15

How awesome is your ultrasignup score? 

The realities of running are pretty funny (and accurate.)

How would you react if your main competitor was caught doping?

After running a bunch of ultras, Jeff tries his hand at his first trail marathon with hopes of a sub 3, and dangit, he got close.

Twenty random questions with Anton Krupicka.

David Roche’s report from XTerra Trail Championships.

With the abandonment of an MUT team, Kaci Lickteig signs with Nike Trail Elite. The team is picking up another HUGE name that will make them the big team (at least for 50k-100k) in the next year.

Here are the results from the Miwok 100k lottery.

…I’ll be running The Canyons 100k on the same day. It’s on the Western States course and includes the brutal climbs through the famous canyons. Ouch!

Runners World covers the year in running, and misses any mention of ultra or trail running. That magazine misses a lot.

The beard is out, the ultra mullet is in.

Did you catch the podcast I released on Friday? Jason Bryant is one of the best technical runners I’ve seen and he lets me on his secrets. I also speak with two active service members who are just getting into the ultra world and already have some great training behind them.

Have a beer in your fridge for Tuesday night. Billy Yang is releasing his NorthFace50 video and I’ll be co-hosting the post-show video chat with him.  Time and URL TBD. Stay tuned.

Strong post on the disparity between male and female representatives at the World Mountain Running Championships.

Caroline has been running for only two years...here’s her top ten report from TNF.

Jack Daniels’ formula for coaching.

Twelve good tips from the pros on how to run your best race.

From Harvey Lewis’ FB page:

Made 154.6 miles and change for 1st place in an all out attempt to make the team USA. The distance stands still as the furthest distance run by an American in 2014. What’s amazing is by how close. Johnny Cash won Desert Solstice over the week with over 154.3 and Isaiah won the National Championship but missed my distance by only 14 feet. I always say go 100% right up to the very last moment. My final hour in SC was an all out effort and final minute an all out blitz. Great year of competition.”

Wow, very cool tech from New Balance that makes custom spike plates on 3D printer. h/t Stu.

Why run 100 miles? Hear what Timothy, Anton, Darcy, Kilian, and others have to say.

Endurance running: The new counseling for couples?

Scott Jaime’s report from his travels in South Africa.

NUC: The insane business of limited edition basketball shoes.

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