Daily News, Mon, Dec 16

Zach Bitter broke the 100 mile AR as well as Yiannis Kouros’ 12 hour WR at Desert Solstice this weekend. We spoke with him last night and will be releasing the podcast today. Stay tuned.

Part two of the “I cut my Hoka Evo Stinson in half” shoe review.

Speaking of reviews, I’m reviewing a Victory Sportdesign drop bag right now and noticed that today is the last day to order them before Christmas. NFI, just an FYI for a perfect gift idea.

Most elite (sub 2:12) marathoners race one or two events a year.Yuki Kawauchi turns it up to eleven.

Ten types of runners.

Detailed pics of a section of the Appalachian Trail.  And on the other coast, the Venice Boardwalk!

Interesting interview with Lance. Post Oprah, post Nike, post admission.

50k photography through the eyes and mind of a seven year old.

Uh-oh. Now the Angry Jogger is mad at race spectators and stupid things they yell.

Well that was fast! Lake Sonoma sold out in 38 minutes. Here’s the entrants list.

Sounds like this guy took a job based on its access to nice trails. Good decision!

Some very funny new whatisultra entries.

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