Daily News, Mon, Dec 2

Meet Zach Miller. No, the other Zach Miller.

Short and sweet: The existential crisis of runners.

Two of the west coast’s biggest lotteries are now open: Way Too Cool 50k and Miwok 100k.

…speaking of which, what are your odds?

Also open is the TNF prediction contest over at iRunFar.

The Piece of String race: One of the UKs most interesting events. I wish we had an equivalent here.

Speaking of the UK, here’s a cool promo film for the Hardmoor ultras in North Yorkshire.  Nice looking terrain, but just one question: What kind of pack is he wearing? I don’t recognize it.

…and speaking of packs, did you see our new shootout between bladdered hydration vests? Who’d Scotty pick as his favorite between Ultraspire, Nathan, The North Face, Salomon, and Camelbak?

Don’t count out the old guys: Dave Mackey sets a new CR at Quad Dipsea this past Saturday.

Speaking of old dudes, Uli Steidl (remember him?) just won his tenth Seattle marathon.

So what’d you do over the long weekend? You didn’t run over 500 miles during a cyclone in Monaco?

Very intriguing piece on long time (former) WS100 RD Greg Soderlund’s battle with cancer.

See, they’re coming around: Cycling star has big respect for running (and she’s mighty quick, too.)

Here’s an awesome beer two mile race report.  Looks like I better up my game. Those times are smooookin!

List-o-rama: The five best ultramarathon training trails.

Was Don Ritchie the best ultrarunner of all time?  I’d have to go with Yiannis, but Ritchie was close.


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