Daily News, Mon, Dec 29

These were predicted to be the top 8 fitness trends of 2014. How accurate were they?

You’ve heard and read about Anton’s runs up Green Mountain. Here’s the skinny on the trail with a cool video.

There are quite a few race review sites out there. Jeff checks out a few of them and gives us his opinion.

Are you following the countdown to Ultrarunning Magazine’s UROY?

Lauren Hadley was featured in our “Five Questions” segment a few months ago with plans of completing her first hundred. She did, and here’s her report. Nice job, Lauren!

Ten ways applying to a race lottery is like applying to college.

So what happens when a masters mountain runner takes a banned substance for a seemingly legitimate reason?  Where do we draw the line?

…and are all exceptional performances suspect?

I’m considering adding a treadmill to my routine (only hills I can find around here!), and Ian’s post helped a lot. Off to craigslist to find a used one.

Luke looked back at his 2014 on the trails and made a list of his favorites. Do you do the same thing?

Speaking of looking back, in our most recent podcast with John Medinger, I lamented that I hadn’t completed a race past 20 miles all year. On Sat I begged an RD to let me in, and yesterday I completed a 50k. It was ugly, but I finished.

Good indoor workouts.

Makes sense: What’s different about training in Kenya?

Across the Years is going on in Arizona as we speak. Watch live results here.


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