Daily News, Mon, Dec 30

Your 2013 recap looks something like this, right?

Here’ a pdf’ed version of Ultrarunning Magazine from the 1980s. Interesting. Most of the events are multiple loop courses on roads or parks.

Watch this: What is trail running? video.

Did you get a chance to read Dakota’s ode to midpackers? Big credit to him for sticking it out during a tough race.

As of this writing, Yiannis and Joe are tied in the Across the Years 6 day race in Arizona. ย Joe took a short nap after 200 miles, but they’re both awake and running now.

Ever wanted to ask a Physical Therapist/Ultrarunner a ton of questions about stretching, form, training, etc? Check out our new podcast with Joe Uhan.

Speaking of stretching, I’m testing a GRID (by TriggerPoint therapy) roller right now and can not believe how bad it hurts. ย Anyone else have one they can’t use, or am I just a wimp?

Funny: The do’s and don’t of running with dogs.

One of the most interesting posts from the past few months...Ian analyses the PRs of the ultra elite and shows just what type of leg speed it takes to compete up front.

More from Ian: An updated comparison of international road marathons.

Some funny new whatisultra GIFs. ย Who’s behind these?!?

Video: Diana Nyad gives a TED talk. ย What a fascinating story.

What’s your running-related resolution for 2014? How about non-running related?

I know people say it’d be boring to watch a 100k on TV, but they do it in Japan each year and it works well.

Here’s a story about an endurance runner that doesn’t aim to make us look crazy.

A vest designed for women by Scott Jurek’s wife? Check out our review of the Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta right here.

…and while you’re at it, have a look at my review of the Better Than Naked Long Haul shorts by TheNorthFace. They’ve got pockets sewn into the liners on the thighs. Oh yeah!

Here’s Ultra168’s take on who should win International UROY.

Sounds like CrossFit taken to the next level: Gym Jones.


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