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I had a good time doing live (ack!) interviews with ultrasportslive.tv on Saturday. The pre-show with Sarah was a blast, then grabbing the filthy runners at the finish for a quick sit-down (and a beer) was a lot of fun. Did you watch? Here are a few of them.

Chatting with Tim Tollefson post-race.  No, he wasn't involved in a port-a-potty accident.
Chatting with Tim Tollefson post-race. No, he wasn’t involved in a port-a-potty accident.

Great collection of photos from TNFEC that really show the terrain and runners well. Full results from the race here.  Many have asked what my predictions were, and how I did with my guesses. I had, in no particular order: Bowman, Varner, Sage and Magda, Howe, and Wang.

To note: Mike Wardian ran a 7:06 , then ran a 2:33 marathon at CIM on Sunday. I often bristle when I hear the term “freak of nature,” but Mike’s ability to recover falls into that category.

And finally, I’m working on a follow up piece to the “team scoring” idea. Stay tuned.

Friday was Wear Your Buckle to Work Day. Did it work for you Western States and Hardrock entrants? Ian comments on Hardrock here.

What does Liza Howard do after she wins a marathon: “Ultimately, though, you can only sit by yourself drinking mimosas in your husband’s clothing for so long before you begin to feel awkward, so I stuffed more cookies into my drop bag and headed back into the world.”

You can never complain about where you run again: Stephanie spends her time running on a tiny rooftop in Gaza.  Great piece on perspective.

New study shows that 14-39% of athletes are doping in elite sports. Meanwhile, 1-2% are getting busted.

…and if that interests you, you’ve got to read this piece in Competitor about the international scandal around marathon dopers…Russians, big payoffs, national federations implicated…

…and former Nike runner Kara Goucher weighs in, in a passive aggressive sort of way.

The next ginormously competitive 50 miler will likely be Lake Sonoma. The lottery is open now.

Science:  Use your foam roller a lot…wait, no, don’t foam roll a lot.

I saw The Long Haul with Hal Koerner and Mike Wolfe on Friday night. Great film that really puts the JMT in perspective…and amazing since most of it was shot on iPhones.

Check it out:  Canadian ultrarunners invent energy gels made from…guess what?

Lauren Fleshman writes about the annual USATF meeting.  Hilarious, eye-opening, and severely disappointing all at once.  Let’s hope that never happens to this sport.

This guy probably has the strongest leg in the world.

X-Terra Trail Running World Championships were this weekend in Hawaii. Patrick Smyth and Kimber Mattox took top honors. I’m still skeptical of Smyth’s affiliation with this dirty doc.

Dang, Yoshikazu Hara runs 177 miles in 24 hours in Japan. (Kouros’ record still stands at a mind-boggling 188.)

Want to take a wee break and see what trail running in Scotland is like? Bruce turns the camera on and shares his thoughts.

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