Daily News, Mon, Dec 9

Rob Krar and Michele Yates took top honors in a cold and competitive TheNorthFace challenge in California. Here are the full results, here’s Meghan’s take on it,  here are my musings on a fun weekend, and here is Max King’s list of excuses (his term, not mine.)

$175 for a half marathonand you must give up all your information to them? No thanks Nike.BbCpERUIMAAaC6K.jpg-large

Here are the lottery results for Western States, and here they are for Hardrock.  Looks like Silverton will be the place to be next year! Wow!

Here’s a four minute video that represents low key trail running perfectly…featuring a race from Rainshadow Racing.

Speaking of Hardrock, Jill’s post really hit home with me.

Taiwan’s only ultra was also held this weekend, with the winner clicking off 684 laps during the 24 hour run.  I’d still be dizzy.

Here’s a crazy new tech gizmo to add to your Strava habit.

OK, here’s some cross training we could all get into. Well, not all at once…you know what I mean.

I tuned in last night to see the Scott Jurek special on the Weather Channel, and he was bumped by…wait for it…bad weather.

A seven year old girl finished the Honolulu Marathon recently. What caught my eye though was the WR for a marathon that age…3:51. Wow!

OK, it’s Monday and you’d rather be outside being awesome.  Hopefully this will help.


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