Daily News, Mon, Feb 10

Walking in ultras: Soft or essential?

You think you hate treadmills?

Some very funny new whatisultra GIFs.

Thanks so much to Ann and to everyone for making this happen: Our podcast with Ann Trason.

Our server decided to choose last night to puke all over itself.  We’ve lost all of our pics for reviews, beer, races, etc., and I’ll be trying to find them and re upload them all today. Bear with us.  The good news is that the podcasts are all safe.

A good DNF story.  And a report from the winner.  Both from Rocky Raccoon 100.

Speaking of Rocky, big congrats to David Brown and Sabrina Little for taking honors at RR50 this past weekend. Sabrina was 3rd OA..here’s her report.  Results here.

Hysterically funny news clip, only because this is something that would happen to me.

So what does a former NFL lineman want after losing 100 pounds and running his first sub-4 marathon?

Are you able to switch off your competitiveness?

Are female long distance runners more prone to suicidal depression?

Very interesting incident re fat bike use on National Park trails.  These people did their homework.

So…is there a page two to this?

All the info you’ll need to start climbing stairwells.

Ya want a cricket protein bar at the next aid station?

Ha! The Skiathalon looks like the finish line at some of our races.

URP hero Ed Whitlock just threw down a 6:44 mile on the track to bag yet another record. Remember folks, he’s 82.

Hong Kong is seeing an increase in ultra marathon participation.

OK, one of you Coloradans must have gone on this run. Right?

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