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Mike Morton won his second hundo in two weeks this past Saturday at Iron Horse 100 Florida, clicking off a 6:14 first 50, followed by a 7:00 second half.  Yep, that’s sub 8 pace.  Up next? In 5 days he’s racing for 24 hours. And remember, Mike is running WS100 this year.

Here’s Cherie’s race report from the run. We interviewed this colorful chick almost two years ago and had a blast…check it out here.

Weekend fell racing wrap-up from the UK, including a win by the aptly named Ricky Lightfoot.

(c) AMN Images
Fell Racing in the UK  Image (c) AMN Images

Vasectomy was Friday and I’ve been sampling quite a few beers to help with the discomfort. Notably, three craft brews sold in cans, ranging from booooring to a damn fine Scotch Ale.

Adam Hewey’s Orcas Island 50k race report makes me wish I’d driven the 15 hours up there to run it.

Max King bags a proud win at El Cruce in Argentina. Did anyone really doubt that Max would be beat in this format?

How much is too much to pay for a beer?

“I live in a thirty story building. Training is literally at my doorstep.” Confessions of a competitive stair climber.

Did you know a 9 year old ran a 2:56 marathon?!? Here’s a list of running records for 5-19 year olds from 47 different countries. h/t to Don’s Diary.

Good stuff: Lessons from the road, by Devon.

Scott Dunlap has a nice race calendar lined up for the year.

Geoff Roes update.

offshore-oil-rig-660NUC: How I learned to love offshore oil rigs.

Cupid’s Undie Runs are coming up this weekend. Who’s gonna do a 50k in their skivvies?

Video: Oldie but goodie…Jared Campbell flying up the side of Mt. Olympus in Utah. h/t to Seamus for the reminder!

Another take on surviving your first ultra.

Biking down Pike’s Peak. Sounds like fun. Can I run up it though?



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