Daily News, Mon, Feb 17

Didya hear our new podcast with Gary Allen? Would it entice you to know he’s the director of RW’s “Best Race in the World”? How about that he just ran 500 miles from Maine to the Superbowl, but didn’t see the game? Or how about that he got struck by freakin lightning on a run? Check it out!

We first heard about skimo during our Rob Krar interview. Here’s Gary Robins’ tale of his first race.

Congrats to Alex Nichols and Jodee Adams-Moore for taking wins at the Moab Red Hot 50k this weekend. Here’s Derrick Lytle’s photo gallery from the race. Awesome!

This test on Kenyan endurance runners shows EPO increases performance by 5%. While not a huge number, it’s a significant amount.

…and here’s a list of all Olympic athletes who’ve been DQed from the games since ’68, and a list of the drugs they took.

Sarah gives a scathing review of Jeff Galloway’s Trail Running book.

Never heard of ’em:The Haglof Gram XC trail shoe. In red.

Ah, the great hydration debate. I must say, Ann’s response to Tim Noakes has to be my favorite.

Here’s a short rundown of MIllrose Games results.

Zoe Romano takes on the weight/body image discussion.

So who’s going to be the first person to run a big race with one of these?

NUC: American climber Chad Kellog killed by a Patagonia rockfall.

What’s it like directing a 50k in Haiti?

Strength training for runners. I’ll admit: I do none. You?

Do you have a special recipe that you use before a race or for recovery? We’re compiling a list and would love your input. Please send to e[email protected] and include any pics. Thanks!


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