Daily News, Mon, Feb 18

If this isn’t a total trailrunner move, I don’t know what is.

Enough with the kumbaya Olympics…let’s keep wrestling.

(c) Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
(c) Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Does doping change genes?

Speaking of steroids, banned substances have reportedly been found at Pistorius’ home.

Meet Anna Frost.

Meet Peter Bakwin.

Joe Fejes and Connie Gardner set WRs this weekend for total distance run in sand in 24 hours at the Destin 50 Beach Ultra in Florida.  My calves are sore just typing that.  Mike Morton dropped due to unconfirmed leg/foot injury.

Articles like this make it seem as if ultras are popular in India, then you read that “there are about 1,000 ultra-marathoners in India” which accounts for a minuscule .00000007% of the population.  Gotta start somewhere!

How far 200 calories goes with various foods.

Good discussion on the cost of live-streaming track and road races also answers the question of  why we’ll never see live ultras on TV.

The power of the recreation economy. h/t to Wade for this article.

Bad beer review forthcoming.  I grabbed a unique (and pricey) brew and it let me down.


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