Daily News, Mon, Feb 23

Dom Grossman: Why people run ultra marathons.

I put this race on the same list as I do Mt Marathon: A loooong way to travel for such a short race, but something I desperately want to do.

Oh lookie! Another reason USATF sucks.

Pam Smith on sponsorships, part two. Great stuff.

With so many coaching options out there, it helps to use this Five Step method to choose coach for your endeavors.

…but before you listen to a coach, be sure to read this.

Jill pens a great piece about Ann Trason for The Guardian.  Here’s our interview with her.

How’s the “link comment” feature working on mobile devices? Works fine on my iPad mini, but not iPhone. You? Thanks for feedback.

Andrew Skurka unnecessarily defends himself against making a profit in his occupation. What do you think about what he does?

MoFa has a killer last lap and breaks the (indoor) WR for 2 miles with an 8:03. Full video here. Dayum!

Did you hear the new podcast with Caroline Boller? Definitely check it out and be prepared to either be inspired by her performance, or frustrated with your own.

Leor heads out on another adventure run around Big Sur and finds some incredible new trails and waterfalls. Sorry North Easterners, get ready to be jealous of the weather.

This gal ran a deliberate, in-the-moment 50k at Holiday Lakes and learned a lot more about herself in doing so.

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