Daily News, Mon, Feb 24

Didya hear out new podcast with Badwater RD Chris Kostman?

Good read: The shadiest man in the racing biz.

Sabrina Little went and won a big event and now finds herself a victim of USADA testing.  Here’s Amy Sproston’s podcast where she deals with the same thing.

Here’s an article no one wants to read that’s full of information no one wants to accept. Including me.

Pliny contest: I think Brady Johnson just became a popular guy.

Seems people are either running shorter or longer, but are not sticking with the marathon distance.

This article about the jay-walking runner seems pretty ridiculous. I hope there’s more to the story than is being presented.

Check out our new review of the Garmin 620. If you’re a data junkie, get in here!

The Iditarod racers are experiencing pretty good conditions.

Track News: Alberto Salazar continues to be not my favorite guy.

Funny: Google translate for runners.

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