Daily News Mon, Feb 25

Important: One year ago today I was down at Ray Miller 50 getting ready to race and we got word that my healthy 54yo Mother in Law had just suffered a major stroke. Her husband didn’t recognize the warning signs until too late and as a result, she’s unable to speak at all and will be severely handicapped for years to come. Know the warning signs.

BD4b7ocCMAIAZDH.jpg-largeWish I were going to be in Portland next weekend. SKORA sample sale and free beer. Hello!

Anyone interested in running a hundo on a track in the UK?

How girly can female athletes be? This is certainly worthy of discussion. Synchroblog anyone?

Pro athletes are making big bucks on workers comp claims.

This guy is running from Florida to New York barefoot in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. He’s raising money here so check it out.

Short news day: Relatives over and they’re sleeping in my office.

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