Daily News, Mon, Feb 4

Here’s our new review of the Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest, from a female perspective.

Gentle reminder that Badwater registration is open for another 10 days. FYI: It’s $995 for registration.

As someone on the Twitter pointed out, “(The Superbowl) Skechers ad was lame. The guy who tackled the cheetah didn’t have a beard and he was wearing a shirt.” Very funny.

Pliny the Younger is being poured at Russian River Brewery for the next ten days as well. Beer fans are lining up at 3am every day to get some. #greatmarketing

Kenyan PED claims heat up. Up until now, they’ve had one doping official.

Big congrats to all the runners and winners from this weekend. DBo and Meghan Arbogast bag Ray Miller 50, Mike Morton and Nicole Studer take Rocky Racoon 100, Maxwell Ferguson and Jodee Adams-Moore at Orcas Island, Victor Ballesteros and Amy Halseth (her first ultra!) at Jed Smith 50M

…and gotta give a big congrats to my mom for taking her age group at the competitive Surf City Half in Huntington Beach on Sunday. Nice job, Mom!

Good read: A quest to fill the gaping hole.

Ian Corless does a nice wrap-up of Jez Bragg’s epic run across New Zealand.

If you want to escape for a few minutes, this guy ran all over Maui with a GoPro.

When do you get your calories? Consider how the elites do it.

“The biggest risks are frostbite, hypothermia caused by excessive moisture on his body and the moose that are native to the area.”  Well, yeah, it’s 436 miles across the frozen(-40deg) Yukon, and this badass 68 year old is up for the challenge.


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