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Runners in Oregon need to be aware of hat-stealing owls. huh?

Check out Sage’s Strava data from this weekend’s XC championship.

Interesting look at how independent sports retailers are getting involved in our sport.  Who’s doing this domestically?

Ruy and I at Sean O'Brien. Photo by Makiko Yamashita.
Ruy and I at Sean O’Brien. Photo by Makiko Yamashita.

What was Anton up to last week?

Sean O’Brien didn’t happen for me. Pulled the plug around mile 20 as I had no energy. Something’s wrong (and no, it wasn’t the shorts.)  BUT, Ryan Smith (who I’d never heard of) held off Seth Swanson for the 100k win, while Japanese runner (and Hatsesune Cup winner) Ruy Ueda had a strong finish for fifth.  He had no sleep, no water, twisted his ankle, and he made up 7 minutes in the final few miles..That kid is awesome.  For the MUC cup, Ryan Smith, Jorge Pacheco, Magda Boulet (who led from [correction: mile 12 or so]), and Anita Ortiz all got personal invites from Craig Thornley for their tickets to Western States in June. Full results.

Alright Kilian, I dare you. Just one of them.

Mill Valley represented well at Tarawera with Dylan Bowman and Jorge Maravilla taking 1,2.  DBo is incredible right now.Full report here from Meghan.

Read this: I’m fairly critical of USATF, and especially its relationship with Nike. For a fair and comprehensive understanding, check out this great piece by Nick Weldon.

Jean’s report from Jed Smith 50/50.  It’s not a masters-only race, but when some of the best 40+ in the country show up, it might as well be.

Leor taunts us with some incredible pics and maps from the breathtaking central California coast.

Great piece on Max King’s incredible diversity and success. If there’s one person to break Fordyce’s 50M record (4:50:51), I think it’s Max. Who else has the speed and endurance?

Meet this months’ run commuter.

A bunch of people paid $35 to not run on Friday.  That beer better have been good.


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