Daily News, Mon, Jan 12

Wondering about why some people get sponsored and others don’t? (like I did?) Pam explains it all here.

The guys at ultra168 ponder the disparity between talent and training. I’d love to see them go deeper into this discussion.

NUC: Great insight into the Yosemite climbers’ progress. These guys are awesome.

Took this pic yesterday in Yosemite.
Took this pic yesterday in Yosemite.

Today’s offerings from RootsRated: Beginner snowshoeing spots in Chicago, running an off the couch 50 miler in Alabama, and five awesome SF adventures, including a big wheel race I MUST compete in.

The ten best wild running routes in England. What did they miss?

100 miles in below freezing temps? How about 430 miles? Read more about the Yukon Arctic Ultra over here. Wow!

A Northern California runner hits the New England trails for the first time. Her verdict? Cold and technical.

Quick interview with Sage.

The city of Austin pissed off a whole bunch of Cyclocross fans this weekend. Tough call.

The East Coast Trail travels 265km up the rough and wild coast of Newfoundland, with an additional 275km still undeveloped. Do people run this?

David Laney and Aliza Lapierre punched their tickets to Western States by winning Bandera this weekend. Keep in mind Laney ran an OQ 2:17 marathon just five weeks ago.  Here’s his report.

Speaking of marathons, if you’re training to run fast, you better be running at FMP.

Do you ever do depletion runs? Find out more here.

This sports writer doesn’t agree with USOC’s decision to nominate Boston for the ’24 Olympic Games, and I think that this post from The Onion is freakin hilarious.

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